Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfect Pushup Original Workout & Ab Ripper X

I started out the evening doing the original Perfect Pushup workout that comes with the device.  It is regular, wide and then close pushups.  I have a max rating of 20, so in each of my two minute drills I do 14 reps, 10, reps, and then 6 reps within the 2 minutes.  So I did a grand total of 90 "perfect" pushups.  I spread the three 2 minute drills across 1 hour of time.  It would be next to impossible to do them right after each other without any sort of break as they are wayyyyy harder than a regular'll know what I mean when you get to that third set in your 2 minute drill.  The diagram shows you how to set up the device for each type of pushup and which way to rotate.  There are even pictures depicting each phase in the complete movement.  I am proud to say I completed all three within the 2 minutes. 

Thirty minutes after finishing, I did an Ab Ripper X workout.  I did not do my warmup as I figured the Perfect Pushup routine was warmup enough.  Again I did these late night so my heart rate wasn't as high.

Here are the results in the exact order I did the routines.  You'll see that my heart rate goes up after the first routine as that sort of served as my warmup to get the blood flowing. The wide and close were almost identical.

Perfect Pushup - Regular
Time = 1:55
Avg HR = 109 bpm
Peak HR = 121 bpm
K Burned = 15

Perfect Pushup - Wide
Time = 1:56
Avg HR = 119 bpm
Peak HR = 136 bpm
K Burned = 19

Perfect Pushup - Close
Time = 1:56
Avg HR = 118 bpm
Peak HR = 132 bpm
K Burned = 19

Ab Ripper X
Time = 16:19
Avg HR = 109 bpm
Peak HR = 132 bpm
K Burned = 135

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